We represent the best suppliers to provide you with the best selection, service & most competitive prices in the area.

Welding Supplies

With our company’s roots starting in the welding business, welding still plays a huge roll in the success of our business. In being an Authorized Air Liquide Distributor, it allows us to offer some of the best welding products in the business. No matter what type of welding or metalworking you are doing, we will be able to outfit you with the right materials. ESAB, Miller, Victor, Lincoln are just some of the names we carry. In terms of metalworking, we carry brands such as SureWerx, Sowa Tool, Dormer, Canada Carbide just to name a few.

Safety Supplies

At St. Lawrence Industrial, we pride ourselves in being one of the only fully stocked safety supply stores in the area. We offer a wide variety of products from first aid and hearing protection to fall arrest equipment and personal protective equipment. We also stock and have access to thousands of different types of safety/high visibility clothing. Some of our brands include: Dynamic Safety, North Safety by Honeywell, Pioneer, Baffin Footwear, and SafeCross….just to name a few.

Material Handling & Accessories

A huge part of running a successful manufacturing business, or even a small business where you are moving a lot of product, you will need the right equipment for it. Material Handling is a key component in doing that. From ladders, pump lift trucks and chain falls to hand held carts and dollies, we offer a huge array of products to suit your big or small material handling needs. Brands include Jet Equipment, Strong Arm and Kleton (which is manufactured about 80km east, down the TransCanada Highway)

Propane Filling Center

Being one, of very few business’ in the SD&G area who has a propane filling center, we pride ourselves on offering a unique service to the consumer.

Along with filling your propane tanks, we:

Ensure your tank is safe and in proper condition (i.e. purge tanks, ensure proper dates, no damages, no leaks)

Offer a wide range of propane accessories (tanks, regualtors, hoses)

Our staff are properly trained by the Canadian Propane Association

Bio-Med Wash

BIO MED WASH® all-natural, sterile first aid wash is the first product that replaces saline solution for washing abrasions, cuts and lacerations (saline is still preferred for deep intramuscular cuts). The product is invaluable in the initial washing of eyes irritated by foreign particles, heavy smoke, dust and perspiration. The only ingredient BMW is the manufacturer’s trade secret Bio-Logic Aqua tissue-culture grade water. The pH-balanced water is naturally pure, non-allergenic, 100% safe for external application, environmentally friendly, and a proven natural moisturizer for skin and eyes.

CO2 Filling Center

We are also a CO2 filling center that can refill your at home soda tanks.

Along with filling your at home soda tanks, we:

Ensure your tank is safe and in proper condition (i.e. purge tanks, ensure proper dates, no damages, no leaks)